VMX in Venice

VMX will host a workshop at W.A.ve. 2017 in Venice.  In general W.A.Ve. 2017 will be an opportunity to focus the attention of the global architectural culture on the urbicide of Syrian cities and fully reaffirm the membership of the country in the cultural heritage of humanity and the cosmopolitan responsibility for its reconstruction.

VMX will specifically focus on the role of community (re)building. In our architecture we always focus on the users, facilitating interaction between people and thereby helping to create healthy communities that actively relate to their surroundings.

We believe that architecture can give meaning, define identity, instill pride and enhance solidarity. This specific approach can help in developing tools and strategies for the making of a specific future of Syrian cities.

Our approach is collaborative. Therefore all employees of VMX will be actively involved in the workshop, as well some of our local and global partners. The research, preliminary results, discussions, arguments, lectures and thoughts will be continuously shared on this blog. Both the students and VMX’ers will reflect on the workshop process with the goal to actively and openly involve you, our follower, on the critical and extremely relevant topic of W.A.Ve. 2017.

We hope you will enjoy to follow, communicate and discuss community (re)building with us! 


See official Website of the W.A.Ve 2017 >>>