The design of the Inner Mongolian international hotel intends to merge spatial quality and efficiency with symbolic meaning.


In the hinterland of the city of Ordos, the project is located on the vast grasslands of the steppe. The rounded design merges neatly with the landscape, and offers a beautiful view from each of the hotel rooms. The circular set-up minimises distances between rooms and other facilities, such as the dining areas, concert stage and swimming pool, located at the heart of the building – a spectacular collective world, protected from the harsh climate by a glass roof. Conforming with local tradition, the shape of the building refers to the Sun, an important Mongolian symbol, and the Moon, because of the nearby presence of the Moonlake. From above the hotel resembles a flower – symbol of its function as oasis in the desert – thereby marking the new resort in Google Earth, nowadays the most popular medium to discover exciting new worlds.

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