The recognisable design for the Montessori elementary school makes optimal use of the building’s location next to the park, overlooking the adjacent IJ.

The narrow sculptural volume, opening up towards the school playground, provides a protected and accessible environment for the children to play. Next to the day care centre for after-school activities, all collective facilities are located on the ground floor of the building, including a library, auditorium, play room and gymnasium. The transparent façade facing the playground creates a strong connection between interior and exterior, with a canopy created by the cantilevered first floor, where parents and children can wait or take shelter. The classrooms, all situated on the first floor, are designed as bright spaces, with a beautiful view over the park and water. Rather than mere circulation space, the spacious hallway that connects the classrooms can be used for self-study, and independent play. As a result of the different requirements to minimum ceiling heights of the collective spaces, an exciting stepped landscape is generated on the first floor.