Containing a variety of educational and cultural programs, KC Noord creates spaces for encounter for residents of the suburban development of Leidsche Rijn.

Combining two primary schools, a day care for physically challenged children, three crèches, a community centre, a professional sports hall, a small theatre and a restaurant – each with their own spatial requirements – the building can be characterized by its elaborate spatial set-up. The sports hall, which doesn’t have a need for direct sunlight, is placed at the centre of the building. All other program is wrapped around, thereby allowing for a compact set-up. Vertically, the complex is organized in three layers. The first floor, at the centre, accommodates all public and shared spaces. Surrounded by an external walkway, which is accessible by means of three large stairs and a long ramp, this forms the most important meeting space of the building. The ground floor is used for the crèches, whereas the two schools are located on the second floor, using the roof of the sports hall as a school playground. The use of colour to identify the different parts of the program, gives the building a fresh, playful appearance.