Confronted with a demand for high-density building, traditional suburban qualities are explored in the design of a hybrid between apartment block and row housing.

Although the suburban dream of a house with a garden and parking space had been suppressed in the official descriptions of IJburg, Amsterdam, these qualities were taken as a starting point for the design of Block 23. The building consists of 25 houses and 28 apartments, with eight different housing types. Unusual for an IJburg building, the organisation around an inner court provides each of the houses with a small garden and double orientation. At the entrances of the houses, an inviting seating area enhances the connection with the street and collective green space. By clustering all parking facilities in the tower, real gardens could be created in the back of the houses, with sufficient soil for planting trees. The use of a car elevator allowed for the location of parking spaces above ground floor, giving apartment owners a parking place in front of their door. 

Winner of Zuiderkerkprijs 2002 and 2006 

IJburg23 DOORSNEDEN copy.jpg