By its simple geometry, the ‘doughnut’ shape pavilion for psychiatric care optimises both the quality and efficiency of use, for patients and carers.

Eikenboom is a convalescent centre for patients with psychosomatic conditions. Built as an extension of the existing Zeist sanatorium, it is located in the institution’s large forest. As patients spend long periods of the day resting in bed, each bedroom is situated on the outer perimeter of the building, with a view to the forest. The arrangement of staff and storage spaces around the inner courtyard minimises circulation space and staff-patient distances. In the context of the rapidly changing care practice, the building forms a prototype for a system that can be easily adapted, and replicated on other sites. An industrial construction method is therefore developed, based on the use of arched portal frames, to create a cost-efficient design with a high degree of internal flexibility. 


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