The architecture of the Combiwerk project, a social workplace and centre for career guidance, transforms the building’s vulnerable user group from spectacle into spectator.

The main ambition of the project is to create a safe and secure working and learning environment. This is achieved both by means of the interior organisation, and the design of the building’s façade. The project brief included bringing together various disciplines under one roof, thus realizing a synergy between the different departments and employees. By situating most of the program on the ground floor, the efficient management of the different workshops is facilitated, while interaction between the different user groups is encouraged. The use of skylights and patios contributes to the creation of a very humane working environment. Towards the exterior, the building has a simple but attractive appearance. Wrapped around the volume like a veil, the façade conceals the building’s interior, while making it a proud and optimistic presence in its surrounding.