Ambassador's House

The project for the residence of the Irish Ambassador in Wassenaar consists of two parts; an extension with a carport and the high-quality renovation of an existing building. The extension includes a professional kitchen and an apartment for the cook. Due to the limited space in the zoning plan, the apartment is partially sunken, with an incision in the landscape on the side to provide daylight. The side façade of the kitchen and apartment is a patchwork of glass, making the building blend into it’s surrounding. The two facades facing the garden and terrace are equipped with a green façade system consisting of stainless steel cassettes filled with sedum plants. Seen from the garden, the extension appears as a green hedge rather than a building. At the front side of the extension a carport is designed as a 3 meter wide L-shaped roof, with a 10 meter cantilever covering the parking spaces. The existing building contains a reception area on the ground floor, the living areas of the ambassador on the first floor, and guest rooms on the second floor.